School Program

Farm Fun, in partnership with a consultant from the agricultural council and 2 teachers, have developed the school program, that we offer pupils from the 2nd-5th grade.

Play with and learn about our animals!

The school program seeks to, broaden the scope of your pupils’ understanding of farm animals and their use.

The school program’s  presentation looks like this:

The class is first divided into small task groups. Thereafter, our pre-prepped grade-appropriate questionnaires are handed out to the pupils, who are then sent out to find the animals detailed in their questionnaires. Once the task is completed, the pupils  go through their answers with their teacher’s help and a certificate of  participation, is then awarded to each pupil.

The school program is priced at  Kr. 5. per pupil + the admissions fee into the park.

Enrich your experience

You can further enhance your experience at the farm, by booking a captivating and informative workshop, with one of our experienced animalkeepers. Price kr. 300,-

Farm Fun can also be used to host school escursions; like school kick off/end of term fieldtrips, as well as family escursions. We can also make arrangements for you to host your event after our closing hours. We highly recommend that large groups register with us in advance, so that we can adequately meet your needs.

For more information, kindly call us on  98488114, or write us on