Practical information

  • All traffic use in the park is carried out at your own risk 
  • Unlimited access to our mooncars
  • Free parking
  • Homemade picnic baskets can be enjoyed at the many sitting areas found ALL OVER the park.
  • Animal feed can be bought at the kiosk for 5 or 10 kr
  • It is FORBIDDEN to bring any animal feed with you into the park
  • Tractor ticket kr. 10 ( First trip is free)
  • Handcarts can be rented at kr. 40, where kr. 20 serves as a deposit fee.
  • Gas grill can be rented (perfect for families)
  • Lang coal grills can be rented (perfect for larger groups)
  • Handicap friendly amenities (toilets, pathways etc.)
  • Pony rides kr. 20 pr. trip
  • Smoking is only permitted at our designated ashtrays.

Admission for caregivers

Only one caregiver accompanying a person with disabilities is allowed free admission in to the park. However, the caregiver MUST present their valid caregiver credentials or an equivalent accreditation  card from Dansk Blindesamfund (The Danish Society for the Blind).