Easter break

Easter break

We are open during  the Easter Break from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday (both days included)!

Many of our animals are still in the barn, but they still would love for you to visit them and give them a big hug and also maybe bring them a bag filled with goodies from the kiosk! Additionally, some of our play areas are also accessible.

​Our adorable racoons are fed every day at 12:00 noon

​There will also be an Easter egg painting event for the children on  Friday, Saturday and  Sunday during the Easter break from 12:30 pm- 2:30 pm.

Our Kiosk is not open… HOWEVER!!

We have turned up the heat at Arnestedet, where you can buy: Waffles, cake, coffee/tea/hot chocolate and cordial, while you lounge in the toasty, cosy ambience, we have created in Arnestedet.


You are ALLOWED to bring your own food.

Easter break admissions fee: kr. 50,- per person. Free admission for children below 2 years.

Free animal feed for all children (for feeding the animals with)

Season Passes can be bought during this period, but are valid from the 27th of April.

See you during the Easter Break!