Terms and conditions


Farmfun accepts payment with Dankort/VISA-Dankort, VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard and JCB. The payment will be charged to your account, upon the shipping of the merchandise.

Farmfun encrypts all your card details with an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This means that trespassers cannot obtain your card number or any other information during the process of the transaction with PBS.


Farmfun endeavours to offer same-day shipping for all orders placed before 12:00 noon. All orders placed after 12:00 noon, are shipped on the next working day.

Farmfun ensures delivery to the recipient with Post Nord (unless otherwise stated), on the chosen date of delivery, stated during order placement. Timely delivery is however contingent on Post Nord’s ability to, abide by their day-to-day delivery. Therefore, any delays at Post Nord, might prolong your delivery past your chosen delivery date.   However, Post Nord’s quality objective regarding their consistency of delivery is marked at a minimum of 97% for letters and a  minimum of 99% for parcels. Kindly note that these statistics are an average estimation and can be based on a wide geographical cover and limited to certain time variables.  Farmfun cannot be held responsible for any delays by Post Nord. In case of long delays (that exceeds several days) or a failure of delivery, Farmfun will, by all means, ship a new order out, at no extra cost to the recipient.


Farmfun renders a 2-year warranty in accordance with the Sale of Goods Act, which is comprehensive of manufacturing and production errors,  that occur from normal product use.  This warranty does not cover any errors, injuries or wear and tear, that is a result of improper use, bad maintenance, brute force or unauthorised operation. All complaints regarding errors or missing parts, that can be observed through an ordinary probe of the product, must be reported to  Farmfun within a reasonable timeframe. The product can then be returned for a repair, an exchange or on agreement, a refund. In reference to complaints,   Farmfun will within reasonable measures bear the cost of the returns.

Complaints and returns

In case of  manufacturing and production errors, missing parts or failure of delivery, kindly direct your requests to:

Farmfun Jerupvej 155 9982 Ålbæk

All returns should also be sent to this address – kindly note that we do not accept any parcels sent as cash on deliveries.  Returns can also occur by, a refusal to accept the parcel or, by returning the product in person at our physical address. Though not required, detailed information accompanying the returned parcel, significantly accelerates the expedition process- this information could include but is not limited to; a copy of the order confirmation, the registration and account numbers of the account the funds are to be remitted to, a copy of any preceding correspondence and so on.


In case of any cancellations on agreed upon discounts, returned products or prepaid items that occur before the order is shipped, a full or partial refund of the total amount will be made. Refunds will be remitted to the account from which, the payment came from.

Right of cancellation

There is a 14 day period within which, all returns must occur. This period starts from the product’s date of delivery and ends on the 14th day after the delivery date. If you wish to return a product, you will be expected to return the product, in significantly the same condition and quantity, in which you received it. When we have received the returned product, the funds amounting to the product’s purchasing price will be remitted into your account, within a few days. The buyer will be held responsible for all shipping charges incurred during this process.

The buyer can return the product even though it has been used. A product is considered used, when the wear and tear on the product, exceeds the normal wear and tear, that would normally occur on the product, as a result of sampling the item at a physical shop. If the product has been used, the product will then be appraised, to determine the price by which, it can be sold to another customer.