Grill your own food

You are allowed to bring your own charcoal or gas grill with you to Farm Fun.  If you do so, please note that you are only allowed to grill in the allocated grilling areas in the forest.

Should you wish to rent one of our grills, we have the following options:
1. A gas grill charged at kr. 40 + a kr. 20  deposit fee( Perfectly sized for 1-2 families)
You can reserve this grill at the kiosk upon your arrival. Payment occurs at the kiosk, while the pick-up occurs at an agreed upon time, from the designated pick-up point, you will be directed to. This grill can be used at any location you desire in the park.
This grill can be rented for a maximum of 1.5 hours and should be delivered back to the pick-up point, after which you can collect the kr. 20,- deposit fee from the kiosk.

2. Long coal grill charged at kr. 140,-  For a maximum of 30 people.
You can reserve this grill well in advance, or upon your arrival. However, please note that payment for this rental must occur on arrival. It is also important that you inform us of the time you would like the grill to be ready. We deliver and set up the grill for you by your table.