Hosting your party at Farm Fun is both easy and fun!

Let us be your own personal event planner and we will take care of all the decoration, catering and most of all; the dreaded cleanup! We will also organise a special tractor ride and a visit to our adorable racoons. Regardless of the model you choose, you will be blown away by how easy peasy, hosting your party at Farm Fun is!

On the day of the event, we will start by gathering the children round about the tables and then we will take their orders. After munching up, we will visit with the racoons and then we will finally take you for a special ride on our tractor!

You can upgrade the birthday package with the different add-ons, we have on offer or you can equally add that personal touch, by bringing your favourite drinks and that yummy home baked cake! You are in total control, of how you want your event to look like.

Moreover, you also get to decide on the duration of your party. However, since the designated drop-off and pick-up points are located at the park’s entrance, we would like to kindly ask, that you clearly state specific drop-off and pick-up times, on your invitation cards, to allow for a better flow of traffic for all our guests. Additionally, we expect that you arrive early, so that you can receive your guests and that you similarly also, schedule time at the end of your event, for you to send off your guests.

You are also welcome to bring your own food and decorations, where your only cost will be the admission fee.
If you choose to organise your own event, kindly do take note that, out of regard for the safety of our animals, you are NOT allowed to bring any animal feed with you and that we also expect, that you educate the children on how to safely interact with the animals, as well as instruct them on the safety guidelines for the playground.

Here at Farm Fun, we are very passionate about celebrating you, so whether your birthday falls within Farm Fun’s open season or not, you are always welcome (and we highly recommend), that you host your party at Farm Fun.

The Birthday Package includes: (min. 6 children.) *

  • Entry ticket
  • 1 red/brown sausage or 4 chicken nuggets
  • Fries
  • 1 small slush-ice or a small soda
  • 1 bag of animal feed
  • 1 birthday gift ( per event)*
  • A fully set birthday table
  • A special tractor ride
  • A special guided visit with our racoons for the birthday child
  • 2 adult entry tickets (per event)*

*Upon ordering a birthday package for multiple celebrants, we will give you 1 extra birthday gift, as well as 2 extra adult entry tickets, for an event with a minimum 20 children.

To sum it all up, you get the perfect recipe for a perfect birthday party for your child!

Price per child kr. 160,00 during our offseason
Price per child kr. 180,00 during our high season

*Our season card cannot be combined with this offer.

Add-ons: (per person)

Fries ad libitum kr. 15,-
Sheet cake max 15 pax  per party kr. 190,-
Sheet cake max 20 pax  per party kr. 210,-
Slush-ice ad libitum  kr. 15,-
1 extra gift  kr. 60,-
Extra nuggets per piece  kr. 6,-
Extra sausage per piece  kr. 18,-
1 large candy bag  kr. 15,-

Do you have any other wishes or questions? Please feel free to call us on 98488114 or write us on

For adult/young adult birthday parties, you are welcome to combine our corporate events package with the food and/ or other activities.